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At SAVARKUNDLA (India’s weighing scale hub), we are the largest firm associated with manufacturing and trading of all kind of weighing scales.

Quality product at best price & with high customer satisfaction is our MOTTO here. This is the reason we owe lakhs of happy customers Our expertise comes from manufacturing experience of more than 100 years.

With the Latest technology gearing up, we have also successfully commissioned manufacturing of electronic weighing scales with ISO 9001 certification. This unit is dedicated to manufacture flawless electronic goods which are hi-tech & weatherproof.

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Whats New

Leading Solution Provider for Market Needs

High Accuracy Scales for use in Jewelry Shops,
Diamonds Trading,
Groceries Shops,
Super Markets,
Fruits & Vegetables Shops

Durable Scales for use in Rice Mills,
Flour Mills,
Sweet Shop,
Dairy Products Ice Cream,
Tea Merchant,
Dry Fruit Shops,
Oil Mills.

Solid and reliable scales for Textile Industries,
Paper Mills,
Rolling Mills,
Hardware Shop,
Moulding Parts,
Heavy Industry.

Kitchen Scale,
Personal Scale,
Spring Balance,
Pocket Jewellery,
Cutlery stores

Robust Scales for use in Steel Plants,
Container Shipyards,
Cement Mills,
Scrap Merchant,
Cement Plant,
Saw Mill,
Chemical Plants.

User friendly designs for Maternity Hospitals,
Baby Care Clinics, Personal health, etc.

Designed for performance at construction sites,
Crane Scales,
M S Heavy Duty Platform Scales, etc.

Heavy Duty scales designed for Shipping yards,
Container yards,
storage depots.

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